DeNardis Engine Operating Tips

*Engines shipped with no oil*

Engine oil:

Maxima brand 75wt gear oil use oil level plug on kick start side of engine to measure correct amount


Super unleaded pump fuel

Gas / oil mixture:

40:1 mixture with Maxima brand Super M premix oil or Maxima brand K2 premix oil

Spark plug:

NGK brand BR8ECM or brand NGK BR8EMVX

Clutch engagement:

* see instructions for changing clutch washer stack - Optional - Clutch shim kit for fine tuning adjustment- change clutch spring stack 5mm, 10mm or 15mm at a time for fine tuning the RPM stall speed


- Heavy Duty clutch spring kit made in Stainless steel. best performance mod for your money. longer lasting USA made high precision.


- extra long clutch shoe bolts & sleeves. allowing to stack more spring washers per shoe for a stronger clutch hit helps engine to build up revs before take off.


- Coil spring kit for mellow engagement. perfect for beginner riders who want power curve that eases more gently into powerband.


Front sprocket size: Optional 10 tooth or 11 tooth


21mm or 19mm bore size Main jet #90 pilot jet #55 needle #7 top clip optional - jet kit

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